lunedì 15 ottobre 2018

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum (ERC-20)

The EquaCoin team is pleased to announce that the EquaCoin project is released to the public on the Ethereum platform under the acronym EQUACASH (EquaCoin Cash).

The interface, accessible through, allows you to open an ERC-20 compatible wallet, to buy EQUACASH with ETHER, and to access the smart-contract which in turn allows you to present and vote on projects as described in the whitepaper initially published on

The sources have been published on GitHub and ownership of the initiative is in the public domain.

Anyone wishing to switch from the Waves purse to the Ethereum purse must pour the EquaCoin Waves on the transfer purse: 3PPYDRUX2hiMd1hpMVpZvkGUA4mrZXUEQUA
indicating in the field "message" the address of his purse created on Ethereum ERC-20 compatible on which the EQUACASH will be paid.
The exchange rate is 20 to 1 (20 EquaCoin = 1 EQUACASH)

Those who want to switch from EQUACASH to EquaCoin on Waves must make the payment of EQUACASH to the ERC-20 account: 0x680b926Dd2D75eD1F9fB196116Ad0660AdA10Ff9
indicating the address of your WAVES purse on which to transfer the EquaCoins.
The exchange rate is always 20 to 1 (20 EquaCoin = 1 EQUACASH)

For any further information, write to:

lunedì 17 settembre 2018

An old Italian Court decision states the non-security status of Alt-coin

Court decision from the Italian Chieti Court in the year 2000

La "sentenza di assoluzione" del SIMEC del Tribunale di Chieti

Tribunale di Chieti

Il Tribunale del riesame, riunito in Camera di Consiglio con l’intervento dei Signori Magistrati:
dr. Antonio Gagliardi - Presidente
dr. Giro Marsella - Giudice relatore
dr. Angelo Zaccagnini- Giudice
Letti gli atti ed i documenti presenti nel fascicolo del PM nonchè quelli prodotti a corredo dell’istanza di riesame dalla difesa
uditi in Camera di Consiglio il Relatore, nonché, per la Procura della Repubblica, la dr.ssa Rosangela Di Stefano e, per la difesa, l’avv Antonio Pimpini,
a scioglimento della riserva assunta nell' udienza del 30/8/2000.


Il GIP presso il Tribunale di Chieti con decreto depositato in Cancelleria il 9/8/2000 ed eseguito il 10-11/8/2000, ha accolto la richiesta di sequestro dei Simec - Simboli Econometrici di Valore Indotto - avanzata ex art. 321 cpp dalla Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale di Chieti con istanza dell' 8/8/2000, ponendo a fondamento del “fumus” dell’istanza la verosimile violazione del disposto di cui agli artt 11. 106. 130 e 132 D L vo 385/93 (cd Testo Unico in materia bancaria).

Avverso la predetta determinazione cautelare e insorto il prof Giacinto Auriti, ideatore dell'iniziativa Simec, sollevando motivi sia di rito che di merito e sostanzialmente ribadendo l’esclusivo rilievo civilistico della vicenda nonché l‘assoluta insussistenza di ipotesi di reato nella vicenda inerente alla circolazione dei Simec medesimi. L’Auriti sottolineava, altresì, l’importanza scientifica dell’iniziativa, sviluppatasi inizialmente, sul piano teorico, presso la Cattedra di Teoria Generale del Diritto e proseguita, in via attuatìva, in quella di Sociologia del Diritto.

giovedì 19 luglio 2018

Welcome Norie Huddle, our new US advisor

We welcome Norie Huddle, our new US advisor, and her project for the Best Game on Earth !

In the mean time we wish to inform that the EQUAZONE is in beta-testing and will be online as soon as possible to provide exchange between EQUA(Waves) and  EQUA(ERC-20) on Ethereum !

lunedì 2 luglio 2018

Disruption at DEX exchange: we are experiencing a hard boycott

Sorry to our public but we are experiencing a wide boycott of EQUA on the DEX and/or the coinranking website.

Here below the images that speak for themselves:

Proof of transactions:

Wrong quotation and market cap reported:

Wrong coinranking status ("History data not available" and wrong circulating supply, should be 1 billion instead of 650 million, then wrong market cap):

lunedì 4 giugno 2018

The Best Game on Earth: Simple strategy to transform humanity

Norie Huddle has a simple but powerful model for transforming the world in a way that is fast and fun — insights she shares from almost 50 years of seeking root solutions to the most pressing problems humanity faces. Watch this talk and you’ll never see the world - or your life - the same way again! Author of seven books (four bestsellers, one global meme), Norie retire at 25 (1970), dedicating her life to understanding "how things work" and how to transform humanity rapidly so we can survive and thrive.

She has an eclectic, international background, speaks several languages and has lived in the US, Italy, Colombia, Japan and Ecuador. In Ecuador, since 2007, Norie and her husband have been building the Garden of Paradise, a rural development model and healing & retreat center.

A popular public speaker, interviewer, consultant, coach and workshop presenter, Norie has built a worldwide network of influential colleagues and friends.

venerdì 1 giugno 2018

A new Italian minister for Direct Democracy: Mr Riccardo Fraccaro (Five Star Movement)

We congratulate Italy for finally having elected a new government that sincerely wants to support democratic principles. We also extend a warm welcome to the new minister for Direct Democray, Mr Riccardo Fraccaro. This is the first time ever in Italy, perhaps in any country, that a ministerial level position has been created to promote Direct Democracy.

We at EquaCoin look forward to developing a robust and effective collaboration with the new government to ensure that Italy renews the great promise of a fair, constitutionally based government that supports all people. Direct democracy is at the core of the whole EquaCoin project.

sabato 31 marzo 2018

EquaCoin chart, March 2018

"Singularly, while the most widespread cryptocurrencies like bitcoins have experienced a downward trend in the last month, Equacoin has gone quite well." - La Stampa, March 31, 2018, pag.25

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum (ERC-20) The EquaCoin team is pleased to announce that the EquaCoin project is released t...