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Equacoin & Equazone Q&A

Equacoin & Equazone Questions and Answers
Release 0.1 - 2019-04-24

This is an "ongoing" list of questions and answers.
It is assumed that the reader has already read the Manifesto of the project and now wants to dispel almost any doubt. The answers are relative to the editing date, make sure you always read the last available document.

Q. How do I spend the scriptural coins I received with the Universal Income program?

A. The EquaCoin wallet, which can be downloaded in your browser at is a tool designed to manage transactions between users in a secure and anonymous way. Whenever you want to pay for a good or service, the seller gives his address to the buyer who transfers money from his wallet to the seller. The combination of these transactions and the availability to use this currency creates an economic space that we call EquaZone.

Q. Where do I find a list of sellers willing to accept at least part of the consideration in scriptural currencies?

A. EquaZone has at least one e-commerce platform where anyone can sell their products or services for free, including their own free time or job search. To register, just go to the website go to the registration menu and choose "become a vendor". The eCommerce platform is in English, for now, but you can create listings in any language or from any country.

Q. I want to open a virtual store on the eCommerce platform but I don't know how to do it.

A. Among the current advertisers, look for those who offer help services when opening virtual stores.

Q. Why is the only unit of account on the eCommerce platform the euro?

A. The eCommerce platform is built on the assumption of the sale of goods and services in the economic space of the Euro. Each seller will indicate, in the description field, the percentage of scriptural money he intends to accept, or that he intends to take away from the bankers' space and allocate it to the space of popular issue scriptural coins.

Q. Are these scriptural currencies like discount vouchers?

A. Absolutely NO. These are coins that can be spent with the wallet and in which users transfer part of their work and the amounts of their assets into the form of monetary value.

Q. Is the part of the transaction that is paid in Eur scriptural part of the total?

A. Yes, it is not a discount, it contributes to the formation of the total and VAT and any other tax component must be calculated on it. They are like foreign coins.

Q. Do the scriptural currencies contribute to national GDP?

A. There are coins in an economic space that participates in the growth of the State in which the subjects of the transaction reside.

Q. Where does the value of scriptural coins come from?

A. From the part of work and goods that users are willing to exchange using them. On their honor, anyone who receives an income of inclusion is willing to accept at least the same amount of money received in exchange for their work or assets.

Q. Can I pay my employees, even in part, in bank money?

R. Yes if they accept. It is a currency of free acceptance.

Q. An employee of mine, who is also included in the income of inclusion, refuses to accept even a small part of a payment of his salary in bank money.

A. It could be excluded from the inclusion income program. Inclusion income makes it possible to spread the costs of people unable to otherwise have an income without the intermediation of the State. If a citizen of EquaZone is not willing to share these principles, he has no reason to join the universal income program.

Q. Can I transfer the scriptural euros to a bank account or a debit card? 

A. Absolutely NO. The EquaZone is a completely distinct and impermeable space from that created by the banking platforms were also of the central bank of reference. When a transfer is made between the platforms, a transfer of value is created from one to the other. While it is regrettable that this happens from EquaZone to other platforms, it is illegal to do the other way around.

Q. Where do the scriptural coins distributed to the citizens come from? 

A. They are created from nothing and assigned to each natural person who requests it.

Q. Why do you distribute scriptural coins and not bank coins?

A. Bank currencies are created from nothing when a bank agrees to do so at the request of a client. It therefore depends on the will of the bank which is a private entity and has the freedom to do so (it is called the Magisterium of credit). Not only that, when it is created out of nothing, money is not properly accounted for and is lent in exchange for interest.

 At the time of creation, moreover, the money required to pay the interest is not created, inducing a perennial deficit whereby the debtor will be forced to steal money from circulation continuously to pay interest. This contributes (along with other intrinsic dysfunctions) to creating a vicious circle that contributes to the depletion of the resources of the population to the advantage of the castes that control the banks. Furthermore, with the current regulations introduced by international standards, it is now almost impossible for non-wealthy citizens to access loans. The same applies to micro and small businesses. The EquaCoin project aims to educate the population on the basic concepts of the popular issuing currency.

Q. But who issues this money and how much does it issue?

A. The coin is issued from nothing using the WAWES-NG blockchain, which keeps track of every transaction and all balances, in the quantity required by the citizens who subscribe to the universal income program. An econometric model that is nearing completion will provide the indications that will be submitted for the approval of the users of the equation through a platform for discussion and vote of imminent realization.

Q. Which coins can be used with the EquaCoin wallet?

A. In addition to the EquaCoins themselves, listed on the DEX, the wallet can operate with CHF Scriptural, USD Scriptural, Eur Scriptural and Shekel Scriptural. Specific coins are also available for closed groups of users who have requested them.

The euro cash on blockchain does not create public debt, does not aggravate bank liabilities and does not contain any gluten.

How the universal income was realized

How the universal income was realized 

In the EquaCoin dimension, everyone has the right to a monthly distribution to participate in the game of the economy. No one stays behind. In Italy, with the old game, there were 10 million poor people.4,200 people have already joined the Euro area to date. 4.2 million euros were distributed from 8 April 2019.

The poverty eradication program is a priority for EquaCoin. But we can't force people into it. Many do not know that the purse exists, or do not know how to use it. You too become "Money Angels" and help those who still can't.

The value of the transparency of distribution (universal income) and the traceability of movements (blockchain). Here the latest euro transactions:

1 - Here you create the purse:

2 - Here the registration form for the universal income in the Euro area:

3 - Here the USA area website:

4 - Here the registration form for the universal income area Dollar:

5 - To open a virtual store for free:
Here the Telegram groups:

General group:

Technical help group:

Market group:

Telegram site of the Swiss group:
Telegram site of the Spanish group:
Telegram site of the French group:

Telegram site of the USA group:


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How to register a file with accurate timestamp, using the new EquaCoin wallet

Waves platform: how to register a file with accurate timestamp, using the new EquaCoin wallet

Few days ago, EquaCoin released its new wallet, working on the Waves blockchain. The wallet can be downloaded from their home page -
With this new service it is possible to give a reliable timestamp to any document or multimedia file like contracts, gentlemen’s agreements, articles of association, books, trade marks, storyboards, toons, songs, video and so on.
The Waves-NG protocol is being used as a decentralized, trusted, and secure timestamping service.
Once connected to the wallet, it is needed to import a previous created account, or generate a new one with a new set of seeds.

Once done it will be possible, using the new menu choice, to access the registration page. Check to have at least 50.01 EQUA in your wallet if you would like to test the service. The EquaCoin wallet allows EQUA to pay also transaction fee. You can buy EQUA on DEX.
Document Registration consents, once selected a file, to calculate its SHA256 hash storing the result on the blockchain forever. The almost-univocy of the SHA256 hash and the timestamp accuracy assured by the blockchain can be used in many legal tasks.
The procedure consents to calculate hash for any file type, suggesting a dimension not exceeding 1Gb. However I have tested it up to 2 Gb with correct result. The time needed to calculate the hash can range from one second to some minutes, depending on the computer capabilities.
This feature consents to calculate hash of graphic stuff and movies. It is a great function for designers, artists as well as lawyers and anyone needing to give a chronological definition to his creation.

What’s Hash?

A hash function is any function that can be used to map data of arbitrary size onto data of a fixed size. The values returned by a hash function are called hash values, hash codes, digests, or simply hashes. A cryptographic hash function allows one to easily verify whether some input data map onto a given hash value, but if the input data is unknown it is deliberately difficult to reconstruct it (or any equivalent alternatives) by knowing the stored hash value. This is used for assuring integrity of transmitted data or, in our case, the existence in life of a certain file since the timestamp date. In the EquaCoin wallet has been used a SHA-256 algorithm to generate an almost-unique 256-bit (32-byte) signature for the selected file.

Waves Transaction Timestamp accuracy

Well, it is not easy to investigate the timestamp accuracy bound to any transaction. As first we can say that all nodes in the Waves blockchain are frequently syncronized with an external time source using NTP.
NTP (Network Time Protocol) is a protocol designed to synchronize the clocks of computers over a network. It is one of the oldest Internet client/server protocols and is used worldwide since 30 years ago.

A time difference of less than 128ms between server and client is required to maintain NTP synchronization. The typical accuracy on the Internet ranges from about 5ms to 100ms, possibly varying with network delays.
In 1999 a survey from MIT Medialab [1] suggested that 90% of the NTP servers had network delays below 100ms, and about 99% were synchronized within one second to the synchronization peer.
The main time source of NTP server can be an atomic clock or a GPS signal. It is clear that for our goals that accuracy is of at least 2 orders better than needs.
The second parameter to investigate is the time needed for block generation. As known the Waves-NG protocol is, at present, the fastest available and it can assemble a block each minute composed by many micro-blocks every 2 or 3 seconds.
That parameter is consistent with our goals too.


It seems that the new option available in the EquaCoin Wallet can be profitably used for every day timestamp registration requirements.

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How to do the digital certification of a document on a blockchain

How to do the digital certification on a blockchain of a document through the wallet:

1 - Document registration: upload the original file to after choosing the DOC option in the purse menu (in this example, we record the article

Then you will receive the following message:

On 4/6/2019 12:46:56  the document:  RIASSERIRE LA PRIMÀZIA DEL SISTEMA BANCARIO SVIZZERO di Marco Saba.pdf  with SHA256: e19d8de0a6bd76467e796ee10a3db8a393481a65c43f8b52257b35fd000a452f  has been registered on Waves blockchain with transaction:  6QZRHFufz6h6ZUTAuXPQsBvRUKQdpRRPXiFSEtCdg3JD

2 - To check the hash (SHA256), reload the original file on a public converter:

3 - Then on the blockchain enter the transaction identifier 6QZRHFufz6h6ZUTAuXPQsBvRUKQdpRRPXiFSEtCdg3JD
and you will find the date and time of the original uploaded document.

(Steps 2 and 3 are for verification by third parties)

Come fare la certificazione digitale su blockchain


Come fare la certificazione digitale su blockchain di un documento attraverso il wallet di :

1 - registrazione del documento: caricare il file su dopo aver scelto l'opzione DOC nel menù del borsellino (in questo caso d'esempio, registriamo l'articolo "RIASSERIRE LA PRIMÀZIA DEL SISTEMA BANCARIO SVIZZERO" ).

 Apparirà questa scritta:
On 4/6/2019 12:46:56  the document:  RIASSERIRE LA PRIMÀZIA DEL SISTEMA BANCARIO SVIZZERO di Marco Saba.pdf  with SHA256: e19d8de0a6bd76467e796ee10a3db8a393481a65c43f8b52257b35fd000a452f  has been registered on Waves blockchain with transaction:  6QZRHFufz6h6ZUTAuXPQsBvRUKQdpRRPXiFSEtCdg3JD

2 - Per controllare l'hash (SHA256), ricaricare il file su un convertitore pubblico:

3 - Poi sulla blockchain
inserendo l'identificativo della transazione 6QZRHFufz6h6ZUTAuXPQsBvRUKQdpRRPXiFSEtCdg3JD
si ritrova la data e ora di caricamento del documento.

(I passi 2 e 3 servono per la verifica da parte di terze parti)

Per l'Italia, vedi anche:
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"La memorizzazione di un documento informatico attraverso l'uso di tecnologie basate su registri distribuiti produce gli effetti giuridici della validazione temporale elettronica."

Esempio concreto: un contratto di compravendita di una automobile, pagata con gli EUR scritturali del Reddito Universale, registrata su blockchain.

Contratto di compravendita: 

Distinta dell'operazione di pagamento:

A questo punto non resta che eseguire l'operazione prima descritta e registrare la foto del contratto firmato:

On 02/05/2019 22:18:57  the document:  Vendita Lancia Ypsilon 1.2 GPL targata FR197XM.pdf  with SHA256: 795191fd4e5621e81430d56034d6e0d30525069827e9629ecd2f1111fea94bbb  has been registered on Waves blockchain with transaction:  BGTyaGb6dsXjYwefLoyiDb96mHWNWnu3y2nimh1R6gBM

"Ma quanto vale - davvero - EquaCoin ?" But how much is EquaCoin really worth?

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