lunedì 15 ottobre 2018

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum

EquaCoin, promise kept: EQUACASH is on Ethereum (ERC-20)

The EquaCoin team is pleased to announce that the EquaCoin project is released to the public on the Ethereum platform under the acronym EQUACASH (EquaCoin Cash).

The interface, accessible through, allows you to open an ERC-20 compatible wallet, to buy EQUACASH with ETHER, and to access the smart-contract which in turn allows you to present and vote on projects as described in the whitepaper initially published on

The sources have been published on GitHub and ownership of the initiative is in the public domain.

Anyone wishing to switch from the Waves purse to the Ethereum purse must pour the EquaCoin Waves on the transfer purse: 3PPYDRUX2hiMd1hpMVpZvkGUA4mrZXUEQUA
indicating in the field "message" the address of his purse created on Ethereum ERC-20 compatible on which the EQUACASH will be paid.
The exchange rate is 20 to 1 (20 EquaCoin = 1 EQUACASH)

Those who want to switch from EQUACASH to EquaCoin on Waves must make the payment of EQUACASH to the ERC-20 account: 0x680b926Dd2D75eD1F9fB196116Ad0660AdA10Ff9
indicating the address of your WAVES purse on which to transfer the EquaCoins.
The exchange rate is always 20 to 1 (20 EquaCoin = 1 EQUACASH)

For any further information, write to:

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