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How to participate in the EquaCoin IDCO ?

Initial Democratic Coin Offering 
starting on November 30, 2017 - ending February 28, 2018

EquaCoin [EQUA] is verified by Waves Platform, here:

IDCO target exchange rates: 

- 1 EquaCoin = 0.00144 ETH (on and
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.0000875 BTC (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.70 wEURO (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.80 wUSD (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 4.5 wTRY (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.20 WAVES (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.003 ZCASH (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 0.01 LITECOIN (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 10 MRT (on
- 1 EquaCoin = 1 TKS (on

Disclaimer: EquaCoins are not intended for speculation and hold no rights or claims to intellectual or other property. We do not comment on exchanges, market price or market appreciation. 
How to buy EquaCoins:

First of all, register and create a Waves wallet on

Here you can find a short tutorial:

  The EquaCoin token (EQUA) represents EquaCoin on the Waves blockchain. Waves allow people to store and transfer it efficiently due to Waves’ high speeds and low transaction fees.

You can receive your FIRST EquaCoin for free HERE

Then you can partecipate in 3 ways:

1.       If you already have Ethers (ETH), Bitcoin, US dollars or Euro sent it to your Waves wallet then you can buy EquaCoins (EQUA) directly on the Waves Platform DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

2.       If you don’t have Ethers (ETH), Bitcoin, you need to get them first, then you can buy EquaCoins

3.       If you prefer to buy EquaCoins OTC write to: for more information.


If it’s the first time that you partecipate to an IDCO, you need to get either Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) first so you need to follow the steps below:

1.       Create a new wallet on the Waves Platform:

2.       Buy ETH or BTC in one of the following Exchanges:  Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex, etc.

3.       Once you have Ethers or Bitcoins in your Waves Wallet you can buy/exchange EquaCoins directly in the DEX

If you have your ETH / BTC in a wallet OUTSIDE the Waves platform  
you can send it to your own Waves wallet, and then follow the above instructions.

ETH: Please do not deposit ERC20 tokens on the Waves platform! Only Ethereum is allowed. 


Sending ETH

(Do not send ETH from smart contracts! Check if your wallet or exchange uses smart-contracts to withdraw ETH. We do not accept such transactions and can’t refund them. You will lose that money.)

To send ETH to our EquaCoin wallet, please send ETH to the address below.The minimum amount of deposit is 0.001 ETH.

EquaCoin ETH wallet address:

Enter this address into your Ethereum client or wallet. Please note that the gateway doesn't apply any fees for this operation.

Sending BTC

To send BTC to our Waves wallet please send BTC to the address below. The minimum amount of deposit is 0.01 BTC.

EquaCoin BTC wallet address:

Enter this address into your Bitcoin client or wallet. Please note that the gateway doesn't apply any fees for this operation.

Corporate and Institutional Accounts:

You can open legal entities and corporate accounts in the following exchanges:

- Kraken

- Luno

- Bitpay

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Disruption at DEX exchange: we are experiencing a hard boycott

Sorry to our public but we are experiencing a wide boycott of EQUA on the DEX and/or the coinranking website. Here below the images that s...