domenica 31 dicembre 2017

EquaCoin wish you a very happy new year !

EquaCoin wish you a very happy new year !

We thanks all the new EquaCoiners for the results we obtained in the IDCO's first month:

- 44k + EquaCoin wallets on the Waves Platform ;

- 64k + total transactions on the DEX ;

- 12 verified asset pairs:
EQUA / BCC (Bitcoincash)
EQUA / BTC (Bitcoin)
EQUA / ETH (Ethereum)
EQUA / EUR (Euro)
LTC / EQUA (Litecoin)
EQUA / USD (US dollars)
EQUA / WTRY (Turkish Lira)
EQUA / ZEC (Zcash)

- More than 10k Euro daily trading volume.

IDCO will last until February 28, 2018.

Next targets we hope to achieve by the end of January:

- A working gateway between the EquaCoin Ethereum wallet and the Waves Wallet;

- A less volatile daily exchange rate and market CAP;

- More than 80k EquaCoin wallets;

- More than 100k total transactions on the DEX ;

- More than 50k Euro daily trading volume.

- An alpha version of the Social Network.

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