giovedì 24 agosto 2017

EquaCoin timeline

August 21, 2017: Pre-sales begins with a target of 2 million euro.

September 5, 2017: Closing of pre-sales.

September 3 to November 2: Realization of the EquaCoin main features: the wallet, basic smart-contracts, security features, etc.

November 3, 2017: Crowdsales opens. 500 million EquaCoins (minus the quantity sold in pre-sale) offered at a starting price of EUR 70 cents/equivalent for each EquaCoin.

December 3, 2017: Closing of the crowdsales.

December 4, 2017: Normal operations starts at the closing price of the crowdsale.

February/March 2018: Final release of the advanced features of EquaCoin: proposing projects to be funded, proposing rules to be changed, vote operation, special social network to host those features.

Starting from when the EquaCoin-EquaZone projects are accomplished, the whole initiative is left to the users for administration and changes through a full democratic process generating smart-contracts that make possible the continuous system evolution.

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