mercoledì 1 novembre 2017 will accept BitCoin/Ethereum and EquaCoin will accept BitCoin/Ethereum and EquaCoin

Luxury e-commerce site to offer Barter and Crypto Currency payment options
Hub Deals is a new type of auction site with dramatically lower commissions and unique purchase options redefining the online auction space. Our growing catalog ranges from fine paintings to rare stamps. is being designed as an innovative e-commerce interactive platform featuring Fine Art, Collectables, and Antiques.  We strive to present only the best and most desirable objects to the most discerning clients. offers client opportunities to transact with private sellers, anytime, anywhere, by Computer or Mobile device.
HubDeals innovative approach to the sector adds new and, until now, unique levels of privacy to both buyer and seller.  In the past, a major hurdle in the buying and selling of expensive and sometimes unique high value items was that the sellers did want to publicize an unacceptably low offer for their pieces. Broadcasting that low valuation, even if rejected, can attach a stigma to the item that can hinder future negotiations and possible sales. All negotiations are private; this means that neither other bidders nor the public will be able to monitor the negotiations between the parties. Further the final agreed to price is completely confidential; the purchase price will never be posted on the site. We feel that this information is solely the right of the involved parties to divulge if they deem necessary.
Hub Deals is the only site to offer a Barter option on all its auctions. Now, Hub Deals will soon begin to accept all varieties of Crypto Currency, from to Bitcoin (, Ethereum ( ) and EquaCoin ( with proof of identity.
Hub Deals is a new kind of e-commerce platform for offering high end luxury products. The site provides a hub for sellers to post products that they will sell, barter or a combination of both via an innovative interactive technology. Inc. is a Delaware based corporation that will generate revenues through interactive reverse auction sales/barter via its e-commerce platform (

Media Contact
Company Name: Hub Deals Corp.
Contact Person: William Drury
Email: Send Email
Country: United States

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