mercoledì 20 settembre 2017

Breaking: Hub Deals Corp to acquire 100M EquaCoins


September 16, 2017

Hub Deals Corp. to acquire One 

Hundred Million EquaCoins.

Hub Deals Corp. has acquired 100,000,000 EquaCoin from EquaCoin AG., of Zug, Switzerland. The offering of EquaCoin AG, Zug, Switzerland - will start on November 3, 2017 and yet 20% of the EquaCoins has been pre-subscribed at the exchange value of 1 EquaCoin equal to EUR 70 cents. The CEO of this evolutionary democratic blockchain, Marco Saba declared: "We are very proud to have embedded democracy into money: this new alchemy will further the values of democracy all over the world". The idea is to leave to the democratic public consensus the monetary policy of the currency creation to meet the needs of the projects that will be put under public scrutiny. “We are very hopeful that this new Crypto coin offering will have a profound effect not just on the sector but the world at large” Mr. William Drury, Hub Deals President and CEO said.

Mr. Drury further explained “This will be the first action of the Hub Deals Companies into the Crypto Currency sector and the initial step to make the first online auction site to accept the new form of currency with the eventual goal of becoming the first auction company in the world to accept only Crypto Currency for goods”.

Hub Deals is a new kind of eCommerce Platform for selling high end luxury products. The company provides a hub for sellers to post products that they will sell, barter or a combination of both via an innovative interactive technology. Hub Deals is a Delaware based corporation that generates revenues through interactive reverse auction sales/barter via its eCommerce platform ( is an innovative eCommerce interactive platform featuring Fine Art, Collectables, Antiques, Jewelry, Watches, Cars, Boats, Airplanes and Real Estate. We strive to present only the best and most desirable objects to the most discerning clients. offers clients opportunities to transact with private sellers, galleries, Airplane, Yacht and Automobile brokers, Diamond wholesalers, and much more, anytime, anywhere, by Computer or Mobile device.

For further information contact:
William Drury

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