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EquaCoin has been launched from the Cryptovalley of Zug, Switzerland

F0R IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 15, 2017

EquaCoin has been launched from the Cryptovalley of Zug, Switzerland.
Reinventing virtual currency like Bitcoin and Ethereum

EquaCoin Offering
September 15, 2017 | Category: News
This offering from EquaCoin AG, Zug, Switzerland - will start on November 3, 2017, 20% of the EquaCoins has been pre-subscribed at the exchange value of 1 EquaCoin equal to EUR 70 cents. The CEO of this evolutionary democratic blockchain, Marco Saba declared: "We are very proud to have embedded democracy into money: this new alchemy will further the values of democracy all over the world". The idea is to leave to the democratic public consensus the monetary policy of the currency creation to meet the needs of projects that will be put under public scrutiny. This system somehow echoes memories of Benjamin Franklin statement to the British Parliament when asked about the oversea colonies fortunes and he told that they were printing all the money they need for their own projects. The people that will use EquaCoins can propose and start their projects upon a democratic majority vote because the EquaZone will create the money needed by the project.
Ms. Nadia La Banca, the company CFO, was proud to tell that the crowd-sale starting price is set at market-to-market and that she expects to have all EquaCoins sold before the expiring of the deadline of December 3, 2017. The technological breakthroughs of EquaCoins are: the use of advanced biometrics to minimize risks to their currency/wallet to be stolen or lost; the blockchain system that is not anonymous so that authorities can track every movement of the currency starting from the very first moment it was created; the fact that all the users fees for all transactions will be covered by the EquaZone through creation of new currency units; the segregation of the wallets from the EquaCoin AG so that users will not be affected by the company’s economic situation.
Mr. Giovanni Ciallella, the CTO of EquaCoin AG, pointed out that all the deadlines will be met at the beginning of 2018 concerning KYC and USA license, and launching of an on-line auction company for antiques. collectibles, cars, yachts, jewelry, watches, paintings, and art, traded through exclusively virtual currency
Marco Saba, the CEO of EquaCoin AG, is an Italian economist and a forensic accountant specialized in money creation accounting. He wrote three books and audited independently the balance sheet of many commercial banks and some central banks.
For more information contact:
Marco Saba, CEO of EquaCoin AG, at: +39 331 334 1239
EquaCoin AG
Alte Steinhauserstrasse 1
6330 CHAM, ZUG (CH)

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