martedì 19 settembre 2017

Second try to counterfeit the EquaCoin

Second try to counterfeit the EquaCoin by an Italian criminal

"09/04/2017 12:09:17 3P8CTJasbKfRV4Mbx3U1ZmoNdNqMRT5XGfK Ftf4JTfq556g9TzS9TZ7hbr6fMM3XNrD8wYquUeTB3Db Equacoin             A creare Equacoin ci vuole molto poco"

Beware, counterfeited EquaCoins will be not redeemed at the November 3, IDCO (Initial Democratic Coin Offering) and cannot be transferred to the new EquaCoin Wallet.

See also:

BEWARE: Counterfeited EquaCoin labelled as "Equacoin" will be not redeemed

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  1. Traders have the assurance of knowing that cryptocurrency purchased through FXB is protected by the Financial Commission and that the risk of losing your investment through cyber crime is reduced because your cryptocurrency is held using cold storage as opposed to an exchange.


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